World Destruction 06+07

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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
بعد طول انتظار هنا وورلد 06 وَ 07 !

World Destruction 06 HD
World Destruction 06 SD
World Destruction 07 HD
World Destruction 07 SD

Hyouma: there're other links in iFile
NAT: and why didn't you add them in the blog
Hyouma: it's your job!! i respected you! i can't do your job man
Hyouma: you're like my brother
NAT: you didn't give them to me anyway
Hyouma: 7 HD ::
Hyouma: 6 HD ::

انتظروا قريب 8-10 وبعد ماخلص من 11-13 بتشوفونها (السنة الجايه xD)

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